Cleeve School

Cleeve Sixth Form

Our Community

We have 300 students in our thriving Sixth Form who join us from Cleeve School, surrounding areas and from across the globe. We are extremely proud of our aspirational and vibrant Sixth Form.

We aspire to have Sixth Formers who relish school life, who want to grow and fully involve themselves in many aspects of Cleeve, post-18 and beyond.

We look forward to welcoming you to our brand new Sixth Form Centre of Excellence, opening to the school in September 2018. 


Sixth Form Tutors

Students see their tutor once a day throughout the year. They are the first point of call with issues or queries and will play a major role in students’ time at Sixth Form. Their role includes:

Pastoral Issues

Tutors are often a student’s first point of call for any issues and queries due to the daily contact. The tutor is concerned with the student’s academic progress as well as their personal well-being. The tutor is responsible for registering students once a day. In the morning students will be given key messages and complete tutorial programme activities based around PSHE/Pathways and Employability Skills.

Tutorial Programme

The tutor will lead the Sixth Form Tutorial programme with students. In addition to whole year group activities, students will complete a programme of activities including discussions, debates and practical tasks based around key areas such as A Level Mind-set, British Values, PSHE, Numeracy, Literacy and Employability and Pathways.


The tutor will generally act as the supervisor for the Extended Project Qualification. Throughout this process they will lead sessions on independent study skills, meet with students regularly to review project progress and mark your completed project.

UCAS/Employment References

Most importantly, the tutor is the person who writes a student’s reference for University/Employment/Further Education/Apprenticeship applications. Tutors are well placed to do this due to their understanding of the strengths of students within their tutor group. 

The Sixth Form Leadership Team

The Sixth Form Leadership Team provide information, guidance and support to all our Sixth Form students. Their main roles are summarised below: 

Mr B Slatter - Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Principal

Miss E Smith - Sixth Form Manager & Employability Officer

Mr N Peterken - Sixth Form Achievement Leader Year 13

Miss H Roberts - Sixth Form Achievement Leader Year 12

Any member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team can be contacted via our dedicated email address