Cleeve School

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students within the Sixth Form have the opportunity to develop talents, passions and commitments outside of the classroom.

Sport (including Sixth Form Games)

Sixth Form students are able to represent the school or participate socially in a diverse range of sports including football, rugby, mixed hockey, mixed rounders, basketball and many more. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to sporting enrichment activities. Students are given the flexibility to take part in sporting activities within school, or use this time to develop their sporting interests outside of school for sports such as horse riding or golf. Whatever the student’s area of interest, they will be given time to develop this as a counter-balance to their academic studies.

Employability Award (with GE Aviation)

By the time they have reached Year 13, students are able to apply for an employability award, endorsed by GE Aviation. Throughout their time in Sixth Form, students need to evidence their development of key employability skills such as leadershiop, problem solving and communication. Students submit an evidence booklet which is signed off by key staff based on their attendance, contribution to the community and wider skill development activities.

Fieldwork and Visits

Students are also given the opportunity to develop their learning outside of the classroom. Educational visits, such as the Geography trip to Pembrokeshire and Business Studies trip to Jaguar Cars, take place throughout the year. Recently, Sixth Form Art students have visited galleries; Biologists have conducted field work in Devon; MFL Students have visited China, and Historians travelled to Berlin.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Sixth Form has a long tradition of involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Participation in this scheme has significant benefits for all those who enrol and we actively encourage our students to pursue this worthwhile activity.


For students who are keen to learn more about business there are enterprise schemes such as the ‘Fair Traders’ and several enterprise competitions that Sixth Formers are encouraged to participate in such as the Times Student Investor Challenge. Some Business Studies students also have the opportunity to run their own business, allowing them to develop key life skills.

The Arts

Musical life at Cleeve is active and varied, with a Senior Choir, Jazz Orchestra, Samba Band, School Orchestra and a number of bands formed by the students themselves. Students are given many opportunities to perform, including the Christmas Concert at the Town Hall and the annual Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

As well as this, Sixth Form students have opportunities in the Arts such as Photography and Art competitions or performances through the Drama Department and in House Drama.

Student Council/Debating Society

Student Voice is an important part of the life of the Sixth Form and the Sixth Form Council contains over 20 members. It is chaired by students who produce their own agendas in order to further improve their Sixth Form experience. More recently several debating groups have been established giving Sixth Form students the opportunity to sharpen their ability to raise and justify an argument.

Active Participation

All Sixth Form students also complete the Active Participation scheme in which they undertake a weekly volunteering commitment within the school community. This can be a highly rewarding experience for students and develops key personal and employability skills.