Cleeve School

Destination Data

The graphs below outline the destinations for Sixth Form students after leaving Cleeve Sixth Form: 


Pathways Support

Students in the Sixth Form are supported in identifying post 18 opportunities and raising their aspirations of their next destinations. For example all students are invited to a UCAS convention in the summer of Year 12 to highlight university courses and opportunities. Several universities come into the Sixth Form to discuss issues such as student life, finance, choosing the right courses. This year Southampton University will be attending as well as a joint presentation from a number of top London universities. Other universities come in later in the year to talk through applying for Primary Education, Nursing and Student Finance. 

For those who are not considering an application to University, an employability programme is offered. This programme covers areas such as finding apprenticeships/employment, developing a CV, writing applications, mock interviews and the development of transferable work skills. As well as this students are invited to the Apprenticeship Evening in which representatives from many different employers provide information and guidance on available apprenticeships. 

We have also introduced an Employability/Pathways week involving presentations and activities designed to help students to clarify potential career pathways, informing their choice of destination after leaving the Sixth Form. 

Students are given a great deal of input as to how to make successful applications. Students are given training sessions on writing a personal statement and these are collaborated on with experienced tutors and subject teachers to ensure students are demonstrating their expertise and interest in their chosen pathway. Online resources are also provided to ensure students at different stages of the process have immediate access to valuable information.

Prospectus’ for universities, apprenticeships and other further education institutions are displayed within the centre and students are encouraged to reference these, as well as online materials to support them in making their choices. At all stages, tutors are involved in discussing progress/pathways and supporting students with applications. 

The Sixth Form is committed to supporting students applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. Students with aspirations to attend these institutions are identified at an early stage (The Fireball Group). They meet regularly with a member of the Sixth Form Team and are given advice on choosing the right destination, choosing the right course and the requirements of a successful application. Students in this group will visit Oxbridge Universities and will receive talks from Oxbridge Admissions' tutors, be given support in choosing the right college/course and will benefit from multiple mock interviews.