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CLEEVE School Uniform and PE Uniform

Updated Wednesday 12th May

As stated in the letter from Mr Richards dated Wednesday 12th May, all students must return to pre-Covid uniform rules, and are required to wear their full school uniform even on days where they have a PE lesson. This is effective from Monday 17th May. 

Students will be required to bring their PE kit to school and change before their lessons in the Sports Hall changing rooms.  

As a school we expect all our students to be dressed appropriately and in the correct uniform, at all times.

The Senior Leadership Team, along with Tutors,  run weekly uniform checks to ensure students are wearing the correct uniform, as per our Uniform Policy below:

Uniform visuals

    Holmes          Attenborough        Nightingale         Shackleton      Rowling


We introduced a new school uniform and core P.E kit in September 2018. The new uniform respects our change in brand while meeting the needs of today’s students in terms of fit, style and durability.

School Togs and Universal Uniform are our two school uniform and P.E Kit providers. All compulsory items should be purchased through one of these two suppliers:

School Togs                                                    Universal Uniform

252 High Street                                            Unit V1, Kingsville Road

Cheltenham                                                    Cheltenham

GL50 3HF                                                         GL51 9LX

Website:           Website:

Telephone: 01242 523632                    Telephone: 01242 580062                     

Our suppliers strongly recommend that you bring your child into the shop when choosing the uniform to ensure that it fits correctly and according to the new guidelines.

School Uniform List

*Please note that all grey trousers/skirts can only be purchased from one of our two uniform suppliers, and MUST have the embroidered badge. High street, plain grey trousers/skirts, are NOT permitted.

Blazer with embroidered badge


From £36.00

*Pleated skirt with embroidered badge


From £17.50

*Trousers with embroidered badge


From £19.50

College tie – with College colour stripe


From £8.25 (Years 7 - 10 only)

Gold tie (Year 11 only)


£7.95 (students in Year 11 only)

White shirt (long/short)


As before - purchase from any store

Grey v-neck jumper



As before - purchase from any store

Socks / Tights

Grey or Black only

Purchase from any store


Please be reminded, school shoes must be a black sensible style school shoe. Students are NOT permitted to wear a black plimsoll, 'sports branded' or games type of shoe, this includes trainers.

Sensible style shoes in black. The plimsoll, trainer style or games type of shoe is not suitable for all day wear.  The limit on heels is 2”.   It must be possible to polish shoes. Trainers are not to be worn.

All students

Make-up: No younger student should wear make-up. Discreet use of make-up (eg colourless nail varnish) is allowed in school from Year 9 upwards. 

False eyelashes, acrylic nails/nail extensions, lipstick/lip-gloss, blusher, eye-shadow and heavily pencilled eyebrows are not permitted to be worn in school. 

Jewellery: If students have pierced ears, only single, plain studs or sleepers may be worn in school. Only one stud or sleeper in each ear. No other form of ornamentation is permitted. 

Hairstyles: Must be neat and tidy and of a natural colour. It should not be excessively short (below a Grade 2) or cut with lines or patterns. 



 PE Uniform list




£ Cost (dependent on sizing)

Sports Polo with embroidered badge and college name transfer

Sports Polo with embroidered badge and college name transfer

White and Navy

From £16.50

Rugby reversible shirt including print badge


Navy and Amber

From £30.75

White ankle socks (any, plain) - for Indoor PE only

White ankle socks (any, plain) - for Indoor PE only



Sport Sock with text on back of the leg and stripes

Sport Sock with text on back of the leg and stripes

Amber with Navy

From £5.75

Sport shorts



From £9.00

Track Pants (Optional)

 Track Pants (Optional)


From £17.00

Baselayer leggings (Optional)

Baselayer leggings (Optional)


From £14.95




From £20.50

Cleeve Sport Hoodie (Optional)

Cleeve Sport Hoodie (Optional)


From £20.25

Rugby/Football boots

Football boots



New starters:

Please note girls will  need football boots from October half-term, not for September start.


Examination Kit (GCSE/BTEC and A Level PE students only):

Navy Examination PE Polo

Navy Examination PE Zipped Tracksuit Top

Navy Extra-curricular ‘Cleeve Sport’ Hooded sweatshirt (available to all students)


Jewellery in PE Lessons

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) strongly recommends the practice of removing all personal effects at the commencement of every PE lesson to establish a safe working environment . This applies to all ear and body piercings, including retainer and expander earrings. Therefore, students are asked to ensure that all jewellery is removed prior to every PE lesson.



If you have any questions regarding the school uniform please email or contact Main Reception during school hours on 01242 672546.