Cleeve School

Trips and visits

Trips and visits offer at Cleeve 

Cleeve School is committed to offering all students a variety of opportunities to take part in curricular and enrichment activities and visits. We view this as a core component of our offer to all students at the school, with learning outside the classroom helping to develop character and reinforce understanding from the classroom.

Financing of Trips and Visits

In line with school and DfE policy the school may ask parents for set voluntary contributions towards the cost of curricular trips, but if the trip cannot be fully funded then it will have to be cancelled. Enrichment trips (out of school hours) will be charged at a level to cover the costs to the school. Some parents may request financial support to enable their child to participate in an activity or visit, all requests will be considered on an individual basis, within the constraints of the funds that are available at that time. To apply for financial support parents are required to complete and return a Financial Support Request Form (email completed form to further support all parents, the school is able to offer a scheme through the on-line payment system, SCOPAY, to enable parents to make regular payments, which can accumulate over time. For some residential trips it is often necessary for the school to build a level of contingency into the price of the trip, to cover any unexpected costs. Where a contingency fund is left unspent, the money received will be refunded if more than £5.