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If you are applying to transfer to secondary schools in the normal cycle at the end of Year 6 you will receive a letter about the process from the Local Authority. These letters are normally distributed to parents and carers of children entering Year 6 at the start of the Autumn Term and will give details of how to apply for any school. For further information please consult the Gloucestershire County Council website for guidance on transferring to secondary school.

To view Cleeve School's Determined Admissions Policy for entry September 2017, click here

To view Cleeve School's Determined Admissions Policy for entry September 2018, click here.

To view Cleeve School's Determined Admissions Policy for entry September 2019, click here

Cleeve School admissions over subscription criteria are listed below. 

In-year applications are all those made outside the normal round of admissions for children of compulsory school age i.e. those applications made during the academic year for a school place in Year 7 through to Year 11. In-year applications for 2016 – 17 and beyond are dealt with by Cleeve School directly.  To apply for a place here parents should contact the school to answer any enquiries.  If you would like your child to be considered for a school place please complete this application form.

Oversubscription Criteria

Cleeve School has a published admission number for Year 7, from September 2017, of 280.  Where the number of applications received exceed this number the oversubscription criteria set out below will apply.  The criteria will be followed in numerical order.

  1. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children), including children who have previously been 'looked after' and later subject to an adoption residence, or special guardianship order.
  2. Children living in the priority catchment area served by the school, with the strongest geographical distance.
  3. Children of full or part time salaried members of staff who have been employed by Cleeve School for two years or more at the time of the application for admission.
  4. Children who live outside the catchment area served by the school, with priority going to those with the strongest geographical claim.

 Entry to Sixth Form

The application process for the sixth form begins in December of the school year prior to sixth form entrance.  From this point on the sixth form prospectus and application form for the following year of entrance will be available on the school website.

Applications for the sixth form should be completed by the spring term half term break in February.  Further details regarding entrance to the sixth form will be available within the sixth form prospectus or within the full Admissions Policy above.


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