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Parent Survey Feedback 2017/2018 

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Parent Survey. We were delighted to receive nearly 400 responses. Each year, we carry out a survey to gather views and feedback from Parents and Guardians. Knowing what matters most to you is invaluable as a way of helping to shape our future direction. You raise important issues that can be addressed either in the short-term or as part of our medium to longer-term strategy for transforming Cleeve School.

Our next Parent Survey will be released in November 2018, but we will also look to touch base with you on specific topics at various key points throughout the year, including via the Parent Champions Group. We are very focused on developing how we harvest and use student voice to further develop the service we provide.

You will find a summary of the results below from our Parent Survey (November/December 2017). If you have any further specific points, please contact Jane Morgan, on   

A reminder that a summary of our School Improvement Plan can also be viewed here.

Summary of the key findings:

91% (Agree/Strongly Agree) of parents feel that their child is safe at Cleeve School

87% (Agree/Strongly Agree) believe their child is happy at Cleeve School

87% (Agree/Strongly Agree)believe their child makes good progress at Cleeve School

80% (Agree/Strongly Agree) believe their child is well taught at Cleeve School

81% (Agree/Strongly Agree) believe the school is well led and managed

81% (Agree/Strongly Agree) believe they receive valuable information from the school about their child’s progress

76% (Agree/Strongly Agree) would recommend the school to another parent

65% (Agree/Strongly Agree) feel the school responds well to any concern

64% (Agree/Strongly Agree) feel the school ensures students are well behaved

40% (Agree/Strongly Agree) believe the school deals well with bullying. 42% didn’t know.

The findings show where many parents feel we are generally doing well and also point to areas where we could be doing better. We know that in a school of 1500 students that we will never please everyone all of the time, however, we strive to be a school that listens and provides the very best service.

The results of this Parent Survey and related prose feedback concluded five key areas of particular immediate interest to Parents and Guardians:

  • School Uniform Policy
  • Communications
  • Teaching and Learning (ensuring consistency of best practice)
  • Behaviour (building on the successes of the new policy and process)
  • Site Development

We have made developments this academic year amongst all five of the areas listed and each of the five areas are of significant importance to our short and medium-term development.

Please see our latest Parent Newsletter for a full summary of developmental actions


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