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Supporting Cleeve

Cleeve School provides an exceptional education for its students. We remove barriers, open doors of opportunity, nurture curiosity and ignite a joy of learning so that our aspirations for everyone are the very highest they can be.

 Cleeve School achieves this by offering a values-based and highly aspirational school environment which inspires a love of learning and knowledge through the highest standards of teaching and extra-curricular provision.

However, Cleeve School, like many other schools across the country, is facing severe financial pressures. Government funding continues to be cut, year on year, and we are now looking at ways to help ‘bridge the gap’. We will work hard to manage this, ensuring that the core purpose of the school will not be affected, and in the last academic year we achieved £231k of efficiency savings.

We have managed to balance our budget for Academic Year 2015-16 as a result of our efficiency savings, but the additional pressures of reduced Government funding and increased employment costs (National Insurance and Pensions) going forward, has indicated a significant in year shortfall of £240k for Academic Year 2016-17 and a similar picture for future years. 

To meet this need there is now an invitation offered to parents, former pupils, friends and local business to contribute at whatever level they are comfortable with, to help us deliver our plans for continued school development.


Where would the money go?

All donations will be paid into the Cleeve School Enrichment Fund Charitable Trust Ltd. (Charity Number: 1005775). The Fund is managed by a board of trustees to ensure that donors are kept informed of spending and all legal requirements as a registered charity are met. Donors may designate the use of their gift to a particular campaign or make the contribution as a general gift with no restrictions.


The present targets are: -

  • Post 16 Development - some funding already secured for dedicated 6th form teaching block
  • School Re-development - some funding secured for refurbishment of the existing school buildings and layout
  • School social spaces – gardens, seating, lunch facilities, lockers

We are committed to providing an outstanding education, but we do need your help to guarantee this can happen.


How can you help?

Regular Giving

We hope you may be able to support us by making a regular donation (of any size) to the school via our Enrichment Fund Charitable Trust, who help the school enormously in obtaining external grant funding and donations from local business and community groups. Please visit their page, which gives details of what to do and relevant information, by clicking on this link.


Matched Giving

Many companies operate gift-matching schemes, details of which are available by clicking this link. This means that when an employee makes a gift to a registered charity the company may match this donation, in full or in part. Some companies even match at more than 100%, at no extra cost to you.

To find out if your company operates such a scheme, and to obtain a copy of their matching gift form, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel Department. It may be helpful to know that Cleeve School Enrichment Fund is an educational (exempt) charity, and registered as such with the Inland Revenue and Charities Commission (no. 1005775).


Payroll Giving

Under the ‘Give as You Earn’ Scheme, employees can authorise their employers to deduct charitable donations from their payroll before calculating ‘Pay as You Earn’ tax and then donate them to the charities of their choice. Contact your Human Resources Department to see if your employer participates in this scheme and for further particulars.


Corporate Giving & Sponsorship

There are a number of ways that companies support the School, such as by making a donation or through sponsorship of an event or activity. Increasingly more companies are interested in supporting our busy calendar of events and activities via sponsorship and we are always pleased to have a conversation with companies interested in supporting us in this way. For more information, please contact the Development Team via email to

Many local, regional and national companies also support the School and our students by volunteering at our Careers Fair, offering work placements/work experience or delivering careers talks to our students. To find out more about supporting us in this way please contact


Legacy Gifts

Gifts to Cleeve School included in your Will are free from inheritance tax, so the gift is deducted from the value of the estate before tax liability is calculated.


If you would like to discuss anything relating to Supporting Cleeve, please contact the Development Team, via email to


Thank you in advance for your anticipated support and to those parents, friends and businesses that are already contributing, we are hugely grateful.