Cleeve School

Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

We encourage all students to develop leadership skills throughout their time at Cleeve, as it is a key personal and employability skill. To this end we ensure that there is a wide variety of leadership roles within the school.

Leadership roles range from positions such as Head Students, Prefect and Council Leaders, to specific leadership roles within departments such as Sports and Language Leaders. There are further opportunities for leadership through the College system, the Student Leadership Team, Fair Traders, Peer Mentors and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Leadership Pyramid

Student development of leadership skills through the opportunities above is recognised through the Leadership Pyramid. During each academic year staff register students who have completed a leadership role, and at what level this role sits (see pyramid below). Based on the number and level of events completed, students can move up the pyramid, and are rewarded with certificates to recognise this. A new system of measurement was implemented in September 2015 to ensure even more students are recognised for their leadership development.

How does the pyramid work?

Students need to successfully complete the relevant number of leadership events to gain each award.  These are listed below.


Leading alongside staff.
1 leadership event


Leading other leaders across the school.
1 leadership event 


Leadership across different school years and
/or representing the school in a leadership role.
2 leadership events 


Leading peers of the same or similar age.
3 leadership events


Participation and leadership on an individual level.
4 leadership events   

Leadership Elections

In the October of each year, students are asked to run for election as a tutor rep and to become a member of the Student Leadership Team. Students produce manifestos and firstly have an election within their tutor groups. Following this, students are given the opportunity to deliver their manifesto to their College and Representatives are then elected by the student body.

Student Leadership Team

Those students elected then form the Student Leadership Team who are the main conduit of student voice within the school. The Student Leadership Team has been involved in the launch of the RESPECT Campaign, the appointment of our Principal, reviewing teaching and learning initiatives such as Show my Homework and raising awareness of issues such as fundraising and cost savings.