Cleeve School

Rewards and Sanctions

At Cleeve School, we all believe that everyone has the right to work hard in a positive and caring learning environment in order to achieve their full potential.  We expect students to embrace the ethos of Cleeve School’s community and that a lack of respect towards each other is unacceptable 

Everyone is expected to play their part in ensuring that Cleeve School is well ordered, learning is effective and that all interactions are based upon mutual understanding and respect. Emphasis is placed upon praise and reward for achievement and meeting expectations.


Cleeve School recognises that rewards are much more effective than punishment in motivating students. 

Correct behaviour that meets high expectation is reinforced by praise, encouragement and the rewarding of achievement. 

The following are examples of rewards used at Cleeve School. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Verbal praise and positive comments
  • A smile and a thank you
  • Written praise and a constructive comment on a student's work
  • Letter of praise to parents/student
  • Positive College points
  • Recognition in assemblies
  • Public recognition (e.g. celebration assembly, website, local press)
  • Departmental postcards
  • Departmental prizes
  • Assessment Profile high achievement certificates/prizes
  • Invite to Tea and Cake with the Principal
  • Achievement Evening awards
  • Certificates for 100% attendance
  • Leadership rewards via the leadership pyramid. 


Most students know what is expected and behave accordingly. The students who show self-discipline and meet expectations will not experience any sanctions. Students who fail to conform to expectations will be subject to sanctions in order to modify their behaviour. 

More information on Rewards and Sanctions can be found on this website in our Behaviour For Learning Policy.