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As well as valuing academic success, Cleeve

Sixth Form is committed to developing the

whole student. This is achieved not just through

our core provision but also our extended

curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities.

Tutorial Programme

The new tutorial programme within the Sixth Form

has been designed to support student development

both inside and outside the classroom. Students are

encouraged to problem solve, debate and consider

differing perspectives on life’s issues. There is

also built in reflection time through Learning Logs

and development of some of the key Sixth Form

mind-set areas needed for success. During these

sessions, students also have the opportunity for

mentoring conversations with their tutor.

Independent learning is seen as a vital skill

for adult life, and all students are encouraged

to take ownership of their study. As well as

supervised private study with a member of staff,

students use the wider Sixth Form or department

study areas for independent and collaborative