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Page Background

Year-on-year our Sixth Form students achieve

excellent outcomes, taking them on to some of

the most prestigious universities and courses, as

well as some of the most sought after jobs and

school leaver programmes and opportunities.

Indeed, the results from 2016 have been the

best the Sixth Form has ever recorded – which

reflects the growing success and our intention to

grow this very important part of the school into

something quite exceptional.

Whether looking at Oxbridge, Russell Group or

other universities, or seeking qualifications in

preparation for the world of work, Cleeve School

offers a personalised education which meets the

needs of all of our students. Due to our size, we

are able to offer a true breadth of subjects and

extra-curricular opportunities which develop our

students into well rounded young adults, with the

very best employability skills and aptitudes.

Our dedicated Sixth Form team, including the

Head of Sixth Form, Centre Leader, Year 12 and

Year 13 Achievement Leaders and Sixth Form

tutors, have vast experience in supporting and

guiding students throughout their courses and

providing appropriate challenge. We also have

a bespoke role which focuses on introducing

and supporting students with their Oxbridge and

Medicine applications. Whatever their talents

and interests, students will find an array of

enrichment opportunities that will enable them

to develop and extend their experiences and

leadership skills, as well as helping to build

strong applications for the exciting opportunities

that lie beyond Sixth Form.

Outstanding success comes from more than

just hard work and we are aware that at this

most formative time in a young adult’s life, it is

important that each individual feels valued and is

allowed to thrive and grow, as well as enjoy their

learning and development. We pride ourselves

on our culture and ethos, where students are

encouraged to reach for the stars.

Our Sixth Form is a highly valued part of our

school and we take a great deal of pride in its

success, acting as a symbol of the school’s

excellence and desire to provide the very best

education possible. Indeed, from September

2018, our brand new, state-of-the-art Sixth

Form Centre of Excellence will be opening and

this further underlines the importance we place

on post 16 education. Our Sixth Formers are

wonderful role-models for our younger students,

inspiring them to be the very best they can be.

We hope that you will choose to pursue your

education within our flourishing Sixth Form


We look forward to welcoming you.

Mr B. Slatter, Assistant Principal/

Head of Sixth Form

Mr A. Richards, Principal

Dear Families,

We are delighted to extend a very warm

welcome to students who are embarking

on the very exciting next stages of their

education. Cleeve School Sixth Form,

housed within its own bespoke Centre,

provides a vibrant and highly successful

environment in which to study. The

highest standards of teaching are

combined with outstanding levels

of care and guidance, ensuring that

our students are fully challenged and

supported to do the very best they can.

We have the very highest aspirations

for what all of our learners can achieve,

which is what attracts our own Year

11 students and many from other

secondary schools to join the Cleeve

School Sixth Form.