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Whatever your chosen sport, you will be

encouraged to devote time to it as a counter-

balance to your academic studies. Popular sports

include football, rugby, mixed hockey, mixed

rounders, basketball, table tennis, netball and

tennis. Activities such as horse-riding or golf can

also be pursued outside school on Wednesday


As part of our commitment to

developing all-round ability, we

encourage students to develop a

wide range of talents and interests

outside the classroom.

Field Trips and Study Visits

Educational visits, such as the Geography trip to

Pembrokeshire and Business trip to Jaguar, take

place throughout the year. In the last two years,

Sixth Form Art students have visited galleries;

Mathematicians attended Bletchley Park; Biologists

conducted field work in Devon. Other examples

include Law/Sociology students visiting the Crown

Court and Linguists and Scientists completing a

study tour to Geneva which included visits to CERN

and the UN.

Performance Opportunities

Musical life at Cleeve is active and varied, with

a Senior Choir, Jazz Orchestra, Samba Band,

School Orchestra and a number of bands formed

by the students themselves. Students are given

many opportunities to perform, including the

Christmas Concert at the Town Hall and the

annual Cheltenham Jazz Festival. There are also

opportunities to have artistic work displayed in our

gallery or participation in drama performances such

as College Drama.