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SEND Information

Cleeve School values the contribution that every child and young person can make. The school welcomes a diversity of culture, religion and intellectual ability and strives to meet the National Curriculum Inclusion statement in delivering the curriculum to:

  • provide suitable learning challenges
  • meet the students diverse learning needs
  • remove the barriers to assessment and learning.

Provision for students with SEND is a matter for the whole school. In line with the SEND Code of Practice, Cleeve School will:

  • ensure that all students with SEND are offered full access to a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum.
  • provide for the individual needs of all students with SEND and ensure their progress in mainstream education in order to maximise their achievement.
  • ensure that the needs of students with SEND are identified, assessed, provided for and regularly reviewed.
  • take the views and wishes of the child into account.
  • work in partnership with parents to enable them to make an active, empowered and informed contribution to the education of their child.

To view Cleeve School's Annual SEND Report 2016, please click here.

Please also see Cleeve School's' Local Offer and the SEND Policy for further information around provision and support for students with SEND.  Both of these documents are located in the 'Policies' section of the website.  

SEND Co-ordinator (SENCO): Mr L Edwards