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Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

Cleeve School recognises that the spiritual, moral, social and cultural element of students’ education is crucial to their development as an individual, allowing them to take their rightful place in their community as a local, national and global citizen. SMSC is about the values students are encouraged to hold, their attitude towards learning, knowledge and society. SMSC is fundamental in preparing young people for society.  At Cleeve School students are helped to develop positive attitudes and beliefs by being offered varied opportunities. In addition, students are taught to understand their rights and responsibilities and the need to respect the rights of others.

Click on the links below to look at the individual plans for how PSHE is delivered in KS3:

Year 7 Life Skills Plan

Year 8 Life Skills Plan

Summer Term 2017 -  Fearless from Knife Crime’ project.   

The Fearless from Knife Crime project is currently taking place in secondary schools across Gloucestershire and is aimed at educating young people of the risks and consequences of carrying a knife and how to be safe.  It will be delivered to our Year 8 students during the summer term - click here to view a letter from Crimestoppers

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Year 9 Life Skills Plan

Year 10 Life Skills Plan

Year 11 Life Skills Plan