Cleeve School

We firmly believe that Cleeve School should provide a programme of broad educational experience, inside and outside of the classroom that will inspire our students to achieve beyond any perceived ceiling to their abilities.

As a school we have students who are at least as capable as any other school, including the local selective schools. We recognise that many of our students have exceptional ability across a number of subject areas, and may be gifted and/or talented in particular subjects.


What is the Cleeve Scholars' Programme?

The Cleeve Scholars' Programme is an additional support intervention for our most academically able students. It comprises a varied programme of activities designed to challenge students beyond the core curriculum.

Examples of Scholars Programme activities:

Trips: Oxford University, Architect Practice, Houses of Parliament, Student Sixth Form Conferences

Guest speakers: Barristers, Structural Engineers, Planning Officers, Admissions Tutors, Oxford Professors, Cleeve School alumni

In-house activities: D&T challenge, ‘archaeology week’, employability skills workshops, essay competitions

Scholars’ performance is closely monitored by the Oxbridge Aspirations Leader. Additional mentoring is offered to ensure the scholars are setting themselves appropriately ambitious targets and are supported to reach these.

As students progress through school, the Scholars' Programme has increased focus on encouraging students to make aspirational choices for university and beyond. Students are supported to make these high aspirations a reality through the Oxbridge Preparation Programme in the sixth form.


How are the Cleeve Scholars selected?

Cleeve Scholars will be selected by the Oxbridge Aspirations Leader (Mrs Rolph) and Senior Leadership Team using prior attainment data to identify the top 5-10% of each year group. For this, we use student performance data from Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 (when appropriate).

Approximately 10 Year 7 Scholars are selected on entry to Cleeve School; there is then potential for additional students to be added to the programme as they progress through school if their performance, relative to their peers, improves.