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Home to School Transport – Cleeve School 

Bus Timetable Information

The following bus routes are available daily to and from Cleeve School and are operated by Marchants.  More detailed information on the routes and prices can be found on their website by clicking on the link 

Information provided by Gloucestershire County Council relating to transport to school for 11-16 year olds can be found on their website 

From here you can find out if you are eligible for assistance with transport costs.  To request an application form you should ring 01452 425390.  

Post 16 Transport (Sixth Form)

If you are over 16 and under 19, attending a full-time course you may qualify for a student bus pass. The bus passes are not free but are subsidised by the LA.   You will not have an automatic entitlement for assistance, even if you had a free bus pass up until year 11. Further information is available from: 

Access to Education (Post 16 and SEN) Team

Tel: 01452 425390


Cleeve School does operate a minibus for Post 16 (sixth form students) with stops in Winchcombe, Gretton and Greet. This service is managed via LA Integrated Transport Service and is a paid service based on an application process. The service is limited to 14 spaces for students in the school sixth form only. It is based on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any queries regarding Home to School Transport please contact the Finance Office at Cleeve via email at   

Update on the Proposal to Remove the Financial Subsidy for Transport (Post 16)

The consultation on the proposal to remove the financial subsidy for transport for Post 16 learners closed on 15th January 2016, and the final policy for 2016/17 will be published early in May.

If the proposed change is agreed it will be implemented from September 2016 for new Post 16 learners (i.e. those transferring to year 12 in September 2016). We will provide details of how those learners can apply for a bus pass under the relevant scheme when the policy is published.

Subsidised support will still be available for Post 16 learners that received travel assistance for year 12 and will be transferring to year 13 in 2016/7. Application forms will be sent to those learners in April and forms for those wishing to pay by direct debit are provided below. Questions that arose during the consultation are available to download:


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